2019-12-12 15:00:07
The highest travel cashback - 5% on Booking.com

The highest cashback for travel services: the Hello Cashback platform refunds part of the travel expenses to its users: 5% on Booking.com and Expedia Hotels, 2% for booking on Airbnb, 5% on Rentalcars, plus cashback for airline tickets, package tours and online shopping.

You can get the largest cashback for travel services without registration! In order to start saving on tourism (staying at a hotel or apartment, renting a car, flights, package tours and related shopping), just sign up for Hello Cashback WhatsApp chat-bot. Following the simple tips of the bot, you can easily place an order, check the cashback status and get payout.

The highest cashback is also the most convenient and the fastest cashback! Your cashback on Booking.com is gonna be available in about 30 days. You will certainly appreciate mobility and ease of use: cashback, purchases and payouts are available at any moment, wherever you are. You don’t have to “clog” your phone with excessive applications - WhatsApp messenger will be enough.

The largest cashback offers even more than high percentage and fast payouts. Hello Cashback gives travel concierge service for free in case of reserving your accommodation via our service. Concierge service is a 24/7 online assistant that will perform all the routine tasks that you do not have enough time or desire to do: booking air tickets and flight check-in, arranging meetings, making a list of attractions, entertainment events schedule, etc.