Cashback Rules

  • Purchase / Reservation rules for getting a cashback
    • In order for the cashback to successfully be credited to your virtual account, you must follow these simple rules when placing an order or making a reservation on our partner’s site.

  • Disable all plugins in the browser
    • Please disable all plugins in the browser, including Adblock (and other analogs) as this may cause mistakes in accrual of percentage for purchases. They interrupt the data transfer from our website to stores’ systems and may also prevent cashbacks from being accrued for the purchases

  • Create a cart after going to the store's website through
    • Start adding products to your cart only if you get to the store’s website via When you add products to your cart directly in a store, and then reopen the cart page via our website, the cashback will not be accrued for such a purchase. Adding items to the cart from ‘pending’ may also result in cashback not being accrued.

  • Clear cookies if your purchases are not registered
    • Please clear your browser cookies before buying any products. To do so click Ctrl + Shift + Delete. For the "Time range" , choose "All the time."

  • Do not use other bonus programs
    • Usage of different bonus programs during the purchase process erases information about your history on in the store system causing in the cashback not being accrued.

  • Do not place an order by phone
    • Do not place any orders by phone, cashback will not be accrued for these purchases. The cashback will be accrued only when you purchase items from the store which via Also, if you change your order by phone after placing it, the store will create a new order taken ‘by phone’ and cashback will not be accrued.

  • Avoid websites advertising affiliate stores at the time of purchase
    • Try to make purchases in a separate browser. Several tabs opened in the browser with banner ads and links to partner stores of our website may interfere with the cookies information and your cashback will be paid to the owners of these websites.

  • Do not shop in Incognito mode
    • We will not be able to accrue cashbacks for purchases made in the “Incognito” mode as the private browser mode will clear the history of your visit to the store’s website via and will not appear in our data, resulting in cashback not being accrued.

  • Do not use mobile apps stores
    • When shopping with your mobile phone only use mobile version of the website. Mobile applications of stores often do not fix and pay for the order, resulting in our website not being able to accrued cashbacks.

  • Check out the features of the stores
    • Before placing an order please check features, conditions and rates of a specific store. If the store has specific terms for cashbacks payout they will be on the store’s page on