5% cashback

Time of the cashback payout

Average cashback time: 30 days

Cashback Rules

    In order to get cashback from please follow the rules below:

    1) Login to your account on Hello Cashback site.

    2) Choose in our catalogue.

    3) Click "View site" button & proceed with your order on site.

    4) Cashback will be credited only when your order is confirmed by the store. Usually it takes 7-14 days.

    If your order is canceled you will not receive the cashback and this is regardless of the payment terms applied by (even if your order was non refundable).

    More information about general rules of placing an order with a cashback you can find on "Cashback Rules" page on our site.

    *all virtual products covered by special category, travel and coupon services or books are NOT subject to commission. Such virtual products include but not limited to gift cards and coupons. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to determine whether a product is regarded as a virtual product for the purpose of calculating commission.