2019-09-26 15:53:32
Cashback Booking - 5% savings on every single hotel reservation

Cashback Booking - 5% savings on every single hotel reservation

What is cashback Booking?

Booking.com is the largest hotel reservation resource. Search system options on the website allow you to find and book accommodation worldwide. In order to make a reservation you need to specify the city, dates and conditions of the accommodation, type of hotel room and number of guests. You can also specify the price range and other special requests. After you have entered all the search parameters, the website shows the available options matching your request.

Cashback Booking is a refund of part of the money you spend on hotel reservation on Booking.com using a special service. Booking and other resources pay a fee for the cashback to the aggregator for attracting the customers. The cashback you receive is the major part of this fee. 

The cashback percentage is different for various cashback services. The largest cashback for Booking - 5% of the reservation cost - is offered by the Hello Cashback resource. A high percentage is not the only benefit for our users! Cashback Booking is available instantly in WhatsApp messenger. Registration is not mandatory for search and booking a hotel. 

How to get cashback for Booking?

Hotel reservation with cashback on Booking is very simple, in order to start just send us the message “hello cashback” in your favorite messenger and follow the chatbot prompts. Withdrawing funds to the card is also possible through WhatsApp messenger - receiving payments has never been so easy!

The term Booking cashback payout is surprisingly fast - within 30 days. The minimum amount of savings for withdrawal is 2 Euro!

Additional profit for program participants: travel concierge for a trip as a gift! The online assistant is in touch 24/7, and is ready to perform any tasks, such as buying tickets and flight check-in, ordering a transfer, searching for a guide and scheduling events, arranging meetings and more - while you enjoy your vacation.