2019-10-03 12:26:08
Cashback for shopping can reach up to 51.7%

Кэшбэк на покупки

Cashback for shopping is one of the most popular ways to save on purchasing online. Buying online is faster, easier, and more profitable! Online stores offer wider larger assortment of products, and the prices for most items are otem much lower. You do not have to spend extra time on shopping trips - everything you need today can be bought at your desktop or with your smartphone.

Cashback for shopping works simply: you buy something in online stores using the cashback service and get a certain percentage of money you have spent back on your bank card. This work principle is beneficial for all participants: the seller gets new customers due to to the advertizing activities of cashback aggregator, who charges a commission from the store and pays out the major part of this money (cashback actually) directly to a customer.

Nowadays, a lot of stores and services offer cashback for shopping, but are they all same comfortable and useful for the consumer? The percentage of refund and terms of payment can vary significantly at different cashback platforms. In some cases the cashback size is too small, sometimes you have to await for the payout for up to three months and the minimum amount for withdrawal is large and takes a lot of time to collect it... There is a reasonable alternative!

The cashback for shopping provided by Hello Cashback service is the fastest, the most reliable and convenient, and here's why:

  • High cashback percentage - up to 51.7% savings on online shopping!
  • Payout within ~ 30 days
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is just 2 EUR
  • We only work with trusted stores and services whose reputation is beyond doubt. Therefore, you definitely will not have difficulties with the delivery, warranty or return of goods.
  • Cashback is always available on your smartphone in WhatsApp messenger. To register, order a product or service and even payout your cashback you need just to sign up for the chat bot and follow its simple tips.

Participate in the program and get cashback for shopping each time you make purchase in your favorite online stores!