5% cashback

Average cashback approval time: 60 days

Cashback Rules

In order to get cashback from please follow the rules below:

1) Login to your account on Hello CashbackTM site.

2) Choose in our catalogue.

3) Click "Rent a car!" button & proceed with renting process on site.

4) Your order will be visible in "History of my cashbacks" within 72 hours from its placement date.

5) Your personal account on Hello CashbackTM site will be credited within 60 days from the date of return of the rented car.

Bringing your attention! The payment currency of some partners may differ from the balance currency, and therefore the amount of your cashback, as well as the balance, may change when the status of the cashback changes.

If your order is canceled you will not receive the cashback and this is regardless of the payment terms applied by (even if your order was non refundable).

More information about general rules of placing an order with a cashback you can find on Cashback Rules page on our site.