up to 10.5% cashback

Average cashback approval time: 90 days

Cashback Rules

Bring to your attention! 

For orders made in shops from this list, cashback will not be credited.

For orders made in shops from this list, cashback credits with a rate of 0,75%.

This decision was made by AliExpress. AliExpress reserves the right to replenish this list of sellers, so be careful and check the list before purchase.

In order for the cashback to be credited, you must buy the product within one browser session, after clicking the "Go to AliExpress" button.

For some purchases, cashback will not be accrued. Please check exceptions by following that link before making a purchase.

Cashback will be credited only when your order is confirmed by the store.

Usually, it takes up to 90 days.

Follow the tips below to get the cashback credited correctly:

  1. All purchase steps must be completed within one browser session after clicking on the "Go to AliExpress" button.
  2. Disable all third-party extensions in the browser in which you make purchases with cashback.
  3. Before purchasing, you must close all browser tabs and clear cookies (use the combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete). History needs to be cleared at all times.
  4. Try to complete your order within 1 hour after clicking on our link, don`t go to third-party pages and tabs at this moment.
  5. Check the list of sellers who don`t charge cashback by link.
  6. When you switching from a messenger to a mobile application, the cart must be empty.
  7. We recommend make 1 order during 1 session.

Bring to your attention! The payment currency of some partners may differ from the balance currency, and therefore the amount of your cashback, as well as the balance, may change when the status of the cashback changes.

Cashback will NOT be credited in case of open disputes on the order.

More information about general rules of placing an order with a cashback you can find on Cashback Rules page on our site.

Product category Rates
Mobile phone 2,25%
Computer peripherals 2,25%
Tablets, desktops, laptops, netbooks 2,25%
Home audio 2,25%
External and internal storage 2,25%
Mobile phone accessories 6,75%
Interior accessories 10,5%
Garden supplies 10,5%
Women's, men's and children's clothing 6,75%
All other categories 5,25%
Special category* 0,00%

*Additional Pay on Your Order, Beginner for XinXiaoYuan, Coupon, Custom-made Charge, Giftcard, Giveaways, Mobile Phone Recharge, Upcoming Products, Wallpaper Sample